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Aug 3 11

How to Select a Very Right Router for Home or Business


No matter which group you belong to or stay with? If you want to connect outside world through computer, buy used router is an essential element of modern home and business networks.Arouter lets your computer connect to the Web to read your favorite Web sites, check e-mail, IM friends, or teleconference with colleagues….

When we speak of routers, I usually think of Cisco—a network giant, even though so many others such as Nortel, D-link, Netgear, etc. Because sell cisco routers is considered as the top choice while choosing a router for home or office, and the more important is that Cisco System offer SOHO, small, medium and large-sized offices or enterprises with different types of routers to meet their different needs.

As we known, the popular refurbished cisco router in the market are Cisco 800 series, Cisco 1800 series, Cisco 1900 series, Cisco 2800, Cisco 2900, Cisco 3800, 3900, 7200 and 7600, etc.(for small to large businesses), also Cisco Linksys-E series for home.

More choice, harder to select the very one for family or for enterprise. But it doesn’t matter if you evaluate and weigh the following eightcriteria that can help you figure out which router best fits your needs.

Your Usage and Router’s Performance

For home or for office (small or large size?), first be clear about it. Different demands require different performance of router. For example, choosing a one for family, you may just want to surf on the internet, cisco refurbished routers no need of a router as a heavy-duty gamer or a small business, Cisco Linksys-E series will fit you. Because you know the more expensive the router, the more features it will contain. However, it doesn’t necessarily buy a higher performance router. And for business, especially for large or head offices, router’s higher performance and safety is vital elements which must be considered while buying. Cisco 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900(for small to medium-sized business or enterprise branch office, Cisco 3800, Cisco 3900, Cisco 7200, Cisco 7600(for medium to large-sized business and enterprise head office), these types can meet companies’ various requirements…


The router usually has a default number of interfaces—but some routers, router cisco secondhand such asthe 3600 series, have none. So, pay attention to the number of interfaces youcan add on top of the default.

Router’s Integrated Services

This refers to functionality supported by a router that previously required separate boxes. For example, refurbished cisco routers a 16- or 32-port switching module in a router negates the need for an Ethernet switch; having a firewall, VPN server, and IDS/IPS sensor in a router can negate the need for a firewall, VPNconcentrator, and dedicated IDS/IPS appliance.

Support and Reliability

reset cisco router are traditionallyreliable, and Cisco is always offering a high level of support. When purchasing a router, you will have various levels of support options. Select the best level for your organization.Of course, using these features in your decision-making process requires some research. You could peruse the Cisco router price Product Portfolio, scan through the specifications, and select the router yourself.Or, you could also use the criteria above to work with are seller or directly with Cisco to determine which routers offer the features you need.


Router manufacturers always provide a warranty package together with their equipment. The length and terms of these warranties vary widely. A better warranty may indicate a manufacturer more committed to support their products, cisco router sale while a lesser warranty could indicate a somewhat lesser standard of product quality or reliability. Always consider router warranties when making your purchase decision.

Router’s Cost

Router manufacturers or router suppliers (like Cisco router supplier) sometimes offer rebates or other discounts from the full retail price of their routers. So you can buy a suitable router at a very great price while router is at a big discount. cheapest cisco adsl router (Routerswitch.com, hardware.com, often have big discount for hot routers, like Cisco 1800, Cisco 1900, Cisco 2800, Cisco 2900, etc.

Actually, besides considering router’s basic function, performance, quality and style, cisco 2600 you must notice router’s price. So you’d better make a comparison among different routers in order to choose a highly efficient and cost-effective one.

More you need pay attention to while buying a router…

Aug 1 11

Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches, Need or Not?


The WS-C3750V2-24PS-E are innovative switches that improve LAN operating efficiency by combining industry-leading ease of use and high resiliency for stackable switches. And Cisco 3750 series features Cisco Stack Wise technology, a 32-Gbps stack interconnect that allows customers to build a unified, highly resilient switching system, one switch at a time.

For mid-sized organizations and enterprise branch offices, the WS-C3750V2-24TS-E eases deployment of converged applications and adapts to changing business needs by providing configuration flexibility, support for converged network patterns, and automation of intelligent network-services configurations. What’s more, Catalyst 3750 Series Switch is optimized for high-density Gigabit Ethernet deployments and includes a diverse range of switches that meet access, aggregation, or small-network backbone-connectivity requirements.

So if you are an enterprise branch office, requiring higher quality network services, WS-C3750V2-48PS-E will be a good choice. Need or not? Please check the following feature details:

Key Features & Benefits of Cisco 3750 Switches

Ease of Use: “Plug-and-Play” Configuration
A working stack is self-managing and self-configuring. When switches are added or removed, the master switch automatically loads the Cisco IOS Software revision running on the stack to the new switch, loads the global configuration parameters, and updates all the routing tables to reflect changes. Upgrades are applied universally and simultaneously to all members of the stack.
The WS-C3750V2-48TS-E stacks up to nine switches as a single logical unit for a total of 468 Ethernet or PoE 10/100 ports, or 468 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports or PoE 10/100/1000 ports, or nine 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Return on Investment through Lower Operations Costs
The automatic Cisco IOS Software version checking and loading of the global configuration parameters provide the first level of operational time saving. The second level is added during the event of an outage.WS-C3750G-24TS-E1U  When you remove a troubled switch from an existing stack of switches and replace it with another switch, the master switch will recognize this as a maintenance outage and automatically reload the port-level configuration that was on the previous switch without user intervention. This allows IT managers to have local personnel in remote locations perform maintenance tasks instead of sending costly technicians out for a few minutes of work, thus saving thousands of dollars in operational costs.

Mix-and-Match Switch Types: Pay as You Expand Your Network
Stacks can be created with any combination of WS-C3750G-24T-S and Cisco Catalyst 3750-E series. Customers who need a mixture of 10/100 and 10/100/1000 ports, PoE, and wiring-closet aggregation capability can incrementally develop the access environment, paying only for what they need. When uplink capacity needs to be increased, you can easily upgrade your bandwidth by adding a 10 Gigabit Ethernet version to the stack and upgrade your Gigabit Ethernet links with 10 Gigabit Ethernet on the existing fiber.

Availability: Uninterrupted Performance at Layer 2 and Layer 3
The WS-C3750G-24T-E switch increases availability for stackable switches. Each switch can operate as both a master controller and a forwarding processor. Each switch in the stack can serve as a master, creating a 1:N availability scheme for network control. In the unlikely event of a single unit failure, all other units continue to forward traffic and maintain operation.

Smart Multicast: A New Level of Efficiency for Converged Networks
With Cisco StackWise technology, the WS-C3750G-48PS-E Series offers greater efficiency for multicast applications such as video. Each data packet is put onto the backplane only once, which provides more effective support for more data streams.

Superior Quality of Service Across the Stack and at Wire Speed
The Cisco 3750 Series offers Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet speed with intelligent services that keep everything flowing smoothly, even at 10 times the normal network speed. Mechanisms for marking, classification, and scheduling deliver best-in-class performance for data, voice, and video traffic, all at wire speed.

Network Security: Granular Control for the Access Environment
The WS-C3750G-48TS-E supports a comprehensive set of security features for connectivity and access control, including ACLs, authentication, port-level security, and identity-based network services with 802.1x and extensions. This set of comprehensive features not only helps prevent external attacks, but also defends the network against “man-in-the-middle” attacks, a primary concern in today’s business environment.

Single IP Management: Many Switches, One Address
Each Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series stack is managed as a single object and has a single IP address. Single IP management is supported for activities such as fault detection, VLAN creation and modification, network security, and QoS controls.

Jumbo Frames: Support for High-Demand Applications
The WS-C3750G-24PS-E Switch supports jumbo frames on the 10/100/1000 configurations for advanced data and video applications requiring very large frames.

IPv6 Support
The Catalyst 3750 Series supports IPv6 routing in hardware for maximum performance. As network devices grow and the need for larger addressing and higher security becomes critical, the Cisco 3750 switch will be ready to meet the requirement.

Standard PoE Support: Graceful Addition of IP Communications
The Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 3750G PoE models support Cisco IP phones and Cisco Aironet wireless LAN (WLAN) access points, as well as any IEEE 802.3af-compliant end device. The WS-C3750G-12S-E and 3750G 24-port versions can support 24 simultaneous full-powered PoE ports at 15.4W for maximum powered device support. The 48-port versions can deliver the necessary power to support 24 ports at 15.4W, 48 ports at 7.7W, or any combination in between.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Support: Increased Uplink Bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet Deployments
The Cisco Catalyst 3750 allows network managers to incrementally add IEEE 802.3ae-compliant 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in their wiring closets or grid clusters, further facilitating and enhancing Gigabit Ethernet networks. This provides investment protection to customers who want to use their existing fiber plant, add uplink bandwidth capacity to their switching stacks, and provide higher performance to applications and users.

Management Options
The WS-C3750-24FS-S switch offers both a superior command-line interface (CLI) for detailed configuration and Cisco Network Assistant Software, a Web-based tool for quick configuration based on preset templates. In addition, CiscoWorks supports the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series for network wide management.

Models Comparison of Cisco 3750 Series Switches
Report from Cisco market and customers told us that Cisco Catalyst 3750G and Cisco 3750 V2 series are more welcomed than Cisco 3570-E series.

Now, here, we list some popular items of WS-C3750G-12S-SD for you to refer to%u2026

WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U: Device Type: Switch – 24 ports – L3 – Managed – stackable
Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports: 24 x 10/100/1000 + 4 x SFP
MAC Address Table Size: 12K entries

WS-C3750G-24PS-S: Device Type: Switch – 24 ports – L3 – Managed – stackable
Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports: 24 x 10/100 + 2 x SFP
Power over Ethernet (PoE): Yes

WS-C3750G-48PS-S: Device Type: Switch – 48 ports – L3 – Managed – stackable
Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports: 48 x 10/100/1000 + 4 x SFP
Power over Ethernet (PoE): Yes

WS-C3750V2-24PS-S: Device Type: Switch – 24 ports – L3 – Managed – stackable
Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports: 24 x 10/100 + 2 x SFP
Power over Ethernet (PoE): Yes

WS-C3750V2-48PS-S: Device Type: Switch – 48 ports – L3 – Managed
Enclosure Type: Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports: 48 x 10/100 + 4 x SFP
Power over Ethernet (PoE): Yes

Jul 26 11

Cisco WS C2960-24TT-L, an Intelligent Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch


Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L, one of Cisco switch Catalyst 2960 Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches, is a new family of fixed-configuration standalone network switch that provide desktop Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, enabling enhanced LAN services for entry-level enterprise, cisco 2960 switch mid-market, and branch office networks. And it offers integrated security, including network admission control (NAC), advanced quality of service (QoS), and resiliency to deliver intelligent services for the network edge. 2960 switch

Key Features of Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L

Device Type Switch – 24 ports – Managed
Enclosure Type Rack-mountable – 1U
Ports 24 x 10/100 + 2 x 10/100/1000
Performance Switching capacity : 32 Gbps ¦ Forwarding performance (64-byte packet size) : 6.5 Mpps
MAC Address Table Size 8K entries
Remote Management Protocol SNMP 1, SNMP 2, RMON 1, RMON 2, RMON 3, RMON 9, Telnet, SNMP 3, SNMP 2c, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, SSH catalyst 2960
Features Layer 2 switching, auto-sensing per device, dynamic IP address assignment , auto-negotiation, BOOTP support, ARP support, load balancing, VLAN support, auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X), IGMP snooping, cisco 2960 series switch Syslog support, DiffServ support, Broadcast Storm Control, IPv6 support, Multicast Storm Control, Unicast Storm Control, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) support, DHCP snooping, Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) support, Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) support, cisco 2960 Access Control List (ACL) support, Quality of Service (QoS), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), Port Security, MAC Address Notification, Remote Switch Port Analyzer (RSPAN)
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3ad (LACP), IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1x, IEEE 802.1s, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
Power AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44.5 cm x 23.6 cm x 4.4 cm
Weight 3.63 kg
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

More specs of WS-C2960-24TT-L you can visit Cisco 2960 switch at RouterSwitch.com


Price and Availability of Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L

Product detail: Cisco Catalyst switch 2960 24 10/100 + 2 1000BT LAN Base Image Conditions: New Sealed List Price: US$1,295.00 2960 series switch

Wholesale Price: US$544.00

You Save:US$751.00 (57.99% OFF)

Supplier: Yejian Technology/RouterSwitch.com

Email: cisco@router-switch.com (Sales Inquiries)

MSN: cisco@router-switch.com

Tel: +852-3755-6766 (Hong Kong)

Fax: +852-3050-1066 (Hong Kong)

Jul 20 11

Buy Used/Refurbished Cisco, Not Only Savings, But Also Green to Environment


Recycling, Protecting environment, reducing electronic waste, all these topics are drawing people’s attention. That’s because pollution becomes more serious with the high development of technology and unawareness of saving resources. Actually, if you are ware of being an environment protector, you and take action from everything around you, such as no using plastic bag, planting trees, recycling garbage, reducing e-waste.

So for netizen, if you need to buy network equipment, buying used or refurbished one such as used Cisco should be a good choice.

Compared with new Cisco or other network products, what benefit you can get? Look at the reasons from official Cisco.


Buying a used Cisco router enables your business to take advantage of breakthrough advances in networking technology – without paying a high price. Unlike ordinary used routers, used network hardware routers from Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment give you the foundation for an intelligent, resilient network, with industry-leading technologies that can protect your investment and lower your ownership costs.

Purchasing a used Cisco router helps you to put your IT dollars to work even harder. Genuine used Cisco routers can be deployed in training labs, temporary offices or classrooms, used as spare parts or even as non-production assets for disaster recovery. You’ll save more off the list price of equivalent new equipment.

Cisco Certified, 100% inspected, fully licensed, attractively priced, genuine used cisco hardware, etc. all these let you no hesitate to choose a used Cisco. So buying used Cisco to green our environment.

Notes: Router-switch.com is the World’s Leading Cisco Supplier, founded in 2002. We provide network equipment that reduces the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products. Our customers are including network equipment resellers, system integrators, service providers, governments entities, banks, the global 1000,  medium and small enterprises. Also we buy used surplus network & Telecom equipment. Our Network Liquidators Provides Hong Kong cisco used and Network Liquidation Services

Jul 15 11

Cisco 7600 Router, Enterprise Head Office Required


The 7600 series is very threatening in the carrier Ethernet services edge (ESE) router market due to its broad range of features and market penetration.And itprovides customers the flexibility of three different form factors: wholesale cisco 7603, 7606, and cisco7609.

As the most scalable service-rich router in the industry, each chassis offers the ability to bring DS0 to OC-48 WAN connectivity, and 10-Mbps Ethernet to 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectivity to the Internet data centre, metropolitan aggregation, WAN edge aggregation, and enterprise networking applications.

The 7613-S323B-10G-P router not only addresses Ethernet switching, routing, and aggregation functions; it also provides support for converged voice, video, and data services as well as extensions to support IP mobility transparently.

Key Features

Chassis ranges: 3-slot (240Gbit/s) , 4-slot ( 320Gbit/s ), 6-slot ( 480Gbit/s), 9-slot (720Gbit/s) and 13-slot (720Gbit/s) [1].

Up to 256 Gbit/s switching fabric capacities and up to 30 Mpps forwarding performance

Interface breadth: Scaling from DS0 to OC-48/STM-16; 10 Mbit/s Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Support for Cisco 7200/7500 Port Adapters via FlexWAN module

IP/MPLS features: MPLS VPN, Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing/ Low Latency Queuing (CBWFQ/LLQ), weighted random early detection (WRED), hierarchical traffic shaping, and Quality of Service 7613-S323B-10G-R

Ethernet subscriber services: 32,000 PPPoE subscribers, 16,000 L2TP tunnels and 16,000 SSG subscribers per MWAM module.



Carrier Ethernet: Aggregation of consumer and business service

Ethernet services edge: Personalized IP services

Wireless mesh networking and mobility service convergence

IP/MPLS provider edge routing

Enterprise WAN aggregation

Headquarters core routing

Cisco 7600 Router’s Price &Availability

Cisco 7600 series ranges from US$5000 to US$20000, not all the types are required by enterprise head offices. There are some 7600 series items such as 7613-VPN+-K9,7613-2SUP7203B-2PS, Cisco 7609-S, Cisco 7606-S; these are popular among large enterprises. Prices of Cisco 7606 and Cisco 7609 are available here:

CISCO7606:List price: US$6,000.00 / Wholesale Price: US$2,940.00

CISCO7609:List price: US$10,500.00 / Wholesale Price: US$5,145.00

CISCO7606-S: List price: US$6,000.00 / Wholesale Price: US$2,940.00

CISCO7609-S: List price:  US$10,500.00 / Wholesale Price: US$5,145.00

If you want to know more pricing and purchasing information of Cisco router and other Cisco IT equipments, you can visit Cisco router at RouterSwitch.com…


Jul 12 11

Cisco 2901 Series Router, More Benefits, High Performance


Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR), designed to power the next phase of branch-office evolution, deliverhighly secure connectivity with multiservice integration that can transform the workplace with a broad set of integrated services, rich-media support, and operational excellence.

As a type of router for small to medium enterprise with high performance, refurbished Cisco 2900 series ISRs offer embedded hardware encryption acceleration, voice- and video-capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, call processing, voicemail, and application services. In addition, the platforms support the industries widest range of wired and wireless connectivity options such as T1/E1, XDSL, copper and fiber GE.

More Cisco 2900 Seriessupport follow here:

High availability and increased business uptime through Cisco IOS Software, hardware redundancy, and failover capabilities.

Modular support for the broadest set of cisco 2900 router price network and security services, as well as customizable “on demand” virtual services.

Video-ready architecture supports rich media unified communications capabilities.

Defends against malicious attacks and threats to data, voice, video and mobility.

High speed wireless access enables employees to be more productive when they are away from their desks.

Give remote staff and teleworkers secure access to company assets over a highly secure connection.

Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers offer a range of features, including:

High-performance, cisco 2901 router nonstop connectivity with integrated services enables deployment in high-speed WAN environments

Modular design delivers optimal service flexibility

Available enhanced Ether Switch modules enable integrated switching capabilities

Innovative Services-Ready Engine (SRE) enables deployment of services on demand

3G backup WAN access to support business continuity

Support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express enables secure collaboration for up to 150 users

Optional integrated high-speed 802.11n wireless access point supports secure mobility

Integrated network security defends against malicious attacks and threats to data, cisco 2901 price voice, video, and mobility

VPN support enables secure collaborative communications with Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GETVPN), Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), or Enhanced Easy VPN

Enhanced redundancy, including diagnostics and backup power supplies increase fault tolerance and business uptime

Operational simplicity, energy efficient design, and Green credentials deliver low total cost of ownership

Cisco 2900 Series Models:

There are four models of Cisco 2900 router: Cisco 2901, Cisco 2911, Cisco 2921, and Cisco 2951. And the reflection from market we are clear that models of Cisco 2900 series are hot required by Cisco customers, such as Cisco 2951/K9, Cisco 2911/K9, Cisco 2921/K9, Cisco 2901/K9…

Take Cisco 2911 as an example,check its features in detail:

3 integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (RJ-45 only)

1 service module slot cisco2901 router

4 enhanced high-speed WAN interface card slots

2 onboard digital signal processor (DSP) slots

1 Internal Service Module slot for application services cisco2901 price

Fully integrated power distribution to modules supporting 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Cisco Enhanced PoE


Embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption for secure connectivity and collaborative communications Integrated threat control using Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, and Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Identity management using authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) and public key infrastructure


High-density-packet voice DSP module, optimized for voice and video support

Standards-certified VoiceXML browser services

Cisco Unified Border Element capabilities

Cisco Unity Express voicemail support

Support for Cisco Communications Manager Express and Survivable Remote Site Telephony


Overall, the 2901 router Series offers unparalleled total cost of ownership savings and network agility through the intelligent integration of security, wireless, unified communications, and application services.

Notes: Some Cisco 2900 series’ price offered as follows:

CISCO2901/K9: List Price: US$1,995.00 / Wholesale Price: US$958.00

CISCO2911/K9: List Price: US$2,695.00 / Wholesale Price: US$1,290.00

CISCO2921/K9: List Price: US$3,695.00 / Wholesale Price: US$1,773.00

CISCO2951/K9: List Price: US$7,500.00 / Wholesale Price: US$3,600.00

CISCO2901-SEC/K9: List Price: US$2,895.00 / Wholesale Price: US$1,419.00

CISCO2911-SEC/K9: List Price: US$3,595.00 / Wholesale Price: US$1,762.00

CISCO2921-SEC/K9: List Price: US$4,595.00 / Wholesale Price: US$2,252.00

CISCO2951-SEC/K9: List Price: US$8,395.00 / Wholesale Price: US$4,114.00

Jun 29 11

Cisco Popular Modules & Cards


For Cisco routers and switches, an important element cannot be forgotten is different kinds of cisco module and cards, for example, the Ciscointegrated Cable high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) provide lower total cost of ownership, advanced quality-of-service (QoS) enforcement, and advanced monitoring and load-balancing capabilities for customers by optionally integrating a DOCSIS 2.0-based cable modem within a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) or Cisco IAD2430 Series Integrated Access Device.

Additionally, the new Cisco Cable HWICs greatly expand the portfolio of managed business-class cable services cable operators can offer to their small and medium sized business (SMB) and enterprise customers.

These cable HWICs, cisco module price combined with the Cisco 2800 and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers; Cisco 1841 and 1941 Integrated Services Routers and Cisco IAD2430 Series provide high-speed digital data transmission between customer premises equipment (CPE) and a central office. This enables cable service providers and resellers to offer additional services by supporting features for business-class security, used cisco module voice integration, differentiated classes of service (CoS), and managed network access with Cisco IOS Software. These value-added features, along with the manageability and reliability of Cisco IOS Software technology, provide the mission-critical networking that businesses require.

Features and Benefits ofCisco Cable HWIC Module

Standards Based: • The Cable HWICs are designed to comply with DOCSIS 2.0 standards and integrate transparently within existing cable operator networks. cisco gbic

• HWIC-CABLE-D-2 is designed to comply with DOCSIS 2.0. cisco glc

• HWIC-CABLE-E/J-2 is designed to comply with the J-DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 standards. (Note: J-DOCSIS downstream center frequency is limited to 90-860MHz.)

• The Cable HWIC is designed to work in PacketCable™ Multimedia networks and supports up to 15 secondary service flows.

Independent Software Image: The Cisco Cable HWIC runs its own firmware image and cisco sfp can be upgraded independently of the host router’s Cisco IOS Software by the cable modem termination system (CMTS).

Protected Cable Modem Configuration: The Cisco Cable HWIC configuration can only be changed by the cable operator using a CMTS. cisco x2

Maximum Availability: • The Cisco Cable HWIC can be restarted independently of Cisco IOS Software by the CMTS or by the end user.

• The Cisco router with the integrated cable modem can monitor the cable modem state and automatically reroute traffic to an alternate interface in the case of a WAN failure.

• Replaces the external RJ-45 cable when using an cisco engine external cable modem with a highly available internal connection.

• Integration limits the opportunity/potential for opportunistic theft of the cable modem or accidental disconnection.

Tips: More details of Cisco Cable High-Speed WAN cisco interface card such as Cisco IOS Software Support, Ease of Management and Deployment, Hardware Specifications, etc. you can visit official cisco.com.

The Cisco Cable HWICs enable a higher level of physical and logical security, provide advanced QoS for IP Communications, easy expandability, higher availability, and simplified management for SMBs and enterprise branch offices. By integrating the Cable HWIC into existing or new Cisco IOS Software-based routers, the cisco card Cable HWICs can help businesses of all sizes avoid expensive private circuit upgrades and allow cable operators to reach a broader set of customers and provide increasing levels of advanced managed services in a cost-effective manner.

Jun 24 11

CISCO2951/K9, Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router, Top Selected By Enterprises


CISCO2951-V/K9, Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers, designed to power the next phase of branch-office evolution, deliverhighly secure connectivity with multiservice integration that can transform the workplace with a broad set of integrated services, rich-media support, and operational excellence.

Cisco 2911 router, best for small to medium enterprise with high performance, offers embedded hardware encryption acceleration, CISCO2921-V/K9 voice- and video-capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, call processing, voicemail, and application services.

CISCO2911-V/K9 Details

Enclosure Type Rack-mountable – modular – 2U
Data Link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Network / Transport Protocol IPSec, L2TPv3
Routing Protocol OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, EIGRP, DVMRP, PIM-SM, static IP routing, IGMPv3, GRE, PIM-SSM, static IPv4 routing, static IPv6 routing, policy-based routing (PBR), MPLS, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), IPv4-to-IPv6 Multicast
Remote Management Protocol SNMP, RMON, TR-069
Features Firewall protection, VPN support, MPLS support, Syslog support, IPv6 support, Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ), Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED), Web Services Management Agent (WSMA), NetFlow
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ah, IEEE 802.1ag, ANSI T1.101, ITU-T G.823, ITU-T G.824
Power AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Dimensions (WxDxH) 43.8 cm x 30.5 cm x 8.9 cm
Weight 8.2 kg

About Security & Voice


Embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption for secure connectivity and collaborative communications Integrated threat control using Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, and Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Identity management using authentication, authorization, and accountingand public key infrastructure


High-density-packet voice DSP module, optimized for voice and video support

Standards-certified VoiceXML browser services

Cisco Unified Border Element capabilities

Cisco Unity Express voicemail support

Support for Cisco Communications Manager Express and Survivable Remote Site Telephony

More related:

CISCO2901-V/K9, and also other Cisco 2900 items are available at router-switch.com, if you want to check price, specs, features of Cisco 2900 series, visit Cisco 2911 or Cisco 2900 series at RouterSwitch.com.

Jun 20 11

Cisco 800 router, Best Cisco Dual Ethernet Security Router


Cisco 871-K9, one of the most popular router Cisco 800 Integrated Services Routers, is welcomed by SOHO and small business groups. Besides its cost-effective and high efficient features, it owns more advantages helping routers 800 cisco users no hesitate to select it for building their networking.

For people who buy Cisco router 800 and want to have one, you can check the main features of Cisco 871-k9, which can make you know it well.


Details of Cisco 871-K9

Device Type: Router – 4-port switch (integrated)

Enclosure Type: Desktop

Data Link Protocol: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

Capacity: VPN tunnels: 10

Network / Transport Protocol: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, PPPoE

Routing Protocol: RIP-1, RIP-2, HSRP, VRRP, GRE, policy-based routing (PBR)

Remote Management ProtocolTelnet, SNMP 3, HTTP, HTTPS

Features: Firewall protection, hardware encryption,auto-negotiation, DMZ port, auto-sensing per device, DHCP support, NAT support, VPN support, PAT support, VLAN support, auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X), traffic shaping, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), dynamic DNS server, VPN passthrough, Low-latency queuing (LLQ), Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ), Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), Access Control List (ACL) support, Quality of Service (QoS), DHCP server

Compliant Standards: IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1x, USB 2.0

RAM: 128 MB (installed) / 256 MB (max)

Flash Memory: 24 MB (installed) / 52 MB (max)

Status Indicators: Port status, power

Interfaces: LAN : 4 x 10Base-T/100Base-TX – RJ-45 ¦ Management : 1 x console – RJ-45 ¦ WAN : 1 x 10Base-T/100Base-TX – RJ-45 ¦ USB : 2 x 4 PIN USB Type A

Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )

Dimensions (WxDxH): 26 cm x 21.6 cm x 5.1 cm

Weight: 0.95 kg

Price and Availability

Cisco 800 series router is offered at routerswitch.com at a very competitive price: US$337.00(wholesale

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Jun 14 11

Cisco 878 Integrated Services Router, Best for Small Office


Cisco router, a member of Cisco 878 router, allows small offices to operate secure concurrent services, including firewall, VPNs, and wireless LANs, at broadband speeds. Easy deployment and centralized management features make the Cisco 870 Series ideal for:

Small offices or teleworker sites as part of an enterprise network

Small and medium-sized businesses for secure WAN and wireless LAN connectivity

Service providers to offer business-class broadband and wireless LAN services to their customers


The cisco877 router provides the performance needed to run concurrent services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, and encryption for VPNs; optional 802.11b/g for WLAN networking; and quality of service (QoS) features for optimizing voice and video applications. In addition, the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) Web-based configuration tool simplifies setup and deployment, and centralized management capabilities give network managers visibility and control of the network configurations at the remote site.

Know about Cisco 878’s Details while Purchasing

Device TypeRouter – DSL modem – 4-port switch (integrated)

Enclosure TypeDesktop

Digital Signaling Protocol      SHDSL

Data Link Protocol   Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

Network / Transport Protocol     PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, PPPoE, PPPoA

Routing Protocol      RIP-1, RIP-2

Remote Management Protocol   SNMP, Telnet, HTTP

Features       Firewall protection, DHCP support, VPN support, VLAN support, auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X), manageable, IPv6 support, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Compliant Standards      IEEE 802.1x

Power   AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz )

Dimensions (WxDxH)26 cm x 21.6 cm x 5.1 cm

Weight  1 kg

Price of Cisco 878 Offered Here

CISCO878-K9: List price:  US$749.00  / Wholesale Price: US$389.00

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With cisco 877 router enterprise IT managers and service providers can take advantage of a solution that can be easily set up at the remote site and then be centrally managed to reduce ongoing operational costs. If you require one, why not select it?